10 Awesome Mini Militia tips and tricks 2020(Win Every-Time!)

Hello Mini militia Lovers,

Today we’re going to share with you 10 awesome mini militia tips and tricks for 2020 that you’ll love for sure. Even if you’re a pro player still you will find something new in this article.

Without Further Delay, Let’s Uncover these mini militia tips and tricks one by one –

Quick Note: Don’t get with hackers at all otherwise you’ll just end up frustrating. As they probably use mod apk or cracked version so that they have many unusual features unlocked.

1.Predict the Next Move

This is one of the most important tip and every pro player understands this. And it works super-well in these types of games, be it mini militia or PUBG as well.

by predicting the next move of your enemy, you can use it against them. However, it comes with over time. You need to observe how enemy reacts in various conditions.

It helped me a lot in Pubg mobile as well. I got too many kills because of pre-fire. And same applies in mini militia too.

2. Try to give Headshots more

There’s no surprise that headshots do more damage than bodyshots. For instance, If it takes 3-4 bullets to finish an enemy with body-shots then you can do the same damage in 2 headshots approximately. So from Now, try to aim on head. Your aim will get better automatically the more you practice and it will significantly improve your gameplay.

3. Throw Grenades and rush immediately

Yes… As soon as you throw grenade on your enemy then rush immediately without delaying even a second. Why? Because When you throw grenade on your enemy either he will crouch or will run away from there. And in both cases, you have an edge.

if he gets even a little damage by your grenade and he sits on… you can easily kill him by rushing immediately as his health maybe low. And if he runs, still his aim will not be so accurate and you can take benefit of it.

4. Don’t Be in so hurry

I see many people start rushing as soon as the game starts and you can use this to defeat them easily. Because in starting, most of the players don’t have good weapons But you shouldn’t do this mistake.

You need to remember the gun spawn locations !

Instead of being in so hurry, load yourself with good weapons and then move on…so you can initially get an edge.

5. Use Covers

Have you ever wondered why there are stones, pieces of woods etc… in mini militia? Simply because you can use them to hide.

You have less chances in open face to face fights. For Example, if an enemy is attacking upon you so you can simply hide behind anything and come out with firing at the right time. This way, you can easily defeat him.

6. Leverage the red dot

You must have seen the red dot sign in gameplay. Right? But you know what? you can boost your kills through it. How?

See, when this red dot becomes bigger and darker then it indicates enemy is very close there. and if it is light and smaller then it shows that the distance is more.

And You can take advantage of it to boost kills for example by using pre-fire etc… Most of the pro players make use of this mini militia trick. It can even help steal the someone else’s kill.

7. Use the right Combination

Using the right combination of guns also plays a vital role. So, choose the guns according to your strategy.

For example, it can be the combination of shotgun and sniper so that you can handle short and long range both type of enemies. Try that you always have two guns.

8. Practice with 3 fingers

if you’re playing with 2 fingers, then try to upgrade to 3 fingers. It will help you a lot and especially in close range fights, you get a lot of advantage. As it makes your move fast and in close range fights it is very important.

9. Choose Map friendly outfits –

Changing your clothes can also be a little bit helpful. For example, you can choose white for snow, green for outpost and brown for catacomb.

It lets you mix with environment and make it little hard to spot.

10. The most important part of mini militia tips

Not only in mini militia, it applies in every game. And the thing is to be confident. Many new players do this mistake that when they think there are awesome players in opposite team so they get nervous and haggle.

As a result, they get defeated very easily. So always be confident and believe that you can win. (don’t replace it with over-confidence too!)

Because when you’re not confident, these mini militia tips and tricks will also not be much effective as well.

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